Environmental Stewards

Lynnwood Honda is proud of the fact that we generate zero hazardous waste products because we are firm believers in recycling.

  • Antifreeze – Recycled
  • Batteries – Recycled and exchanged
  • Brake fluid –Recycled
  • Engine Oil – Recycled (We don’t use recycled oil in our customers cars)
  • Oil Filters – Crushed and Recycled
  • Parts Cleaning Solution – We use steam, heat and biodegradable detergent in our parts cleaning machine. We don’t use harsh solvents.
  • Tires – Recycled
  • Transmission Fluid – Recycled
  • Cardboard, Office Papers, Aluminum Cans – Recycled

Storm Water - We collect all storm water runoff from our parking lots. This runoff can have oils from vehicles parked on our facility. This runoff is stored in an underground containment system and then dispersed through a bio filtration swale to remove all impurities, in a natural way, prior to the water entering the public storm system and flowing into the Puget Sound.

Car Wash - As part of our superior service all service vehicles are washed prior to being returned to their owners. Our car wash utilizes a water recirculation system. This system greatly reduces the amount of water consumed with each wash cycle.

Lot Lights - to conserve energy we recently switched all the outdoor lot lights to low voltage LED’s resulting in an energy savings of 10%.