Alaskan Sales

Alaska Vehicle Sales

Here at Lynnwood Honda we are always more than happy to help our customers from the north purchase a new Honda.

Here is a brief overview of our Alaska resident purchase process:

  1. First, review the models available and our own inventory to determine the vehicle(s) you are interested in. (We specialize in new car sales, but also have an extensive inventory of quality, certified previously-owned vehicles on site.)
  2. Decide whether it is more convenient for you to visit us here in person, or if you would prefer to conduct the transaction by phone, fax, or email.
  3. Make a deal! Lynnwood Honda is very competitive, offering great prices which are less expensive than many dealers in Alaska, even after shipping.
  4. Provide proof of out-of-state residency. the following three forms of identification will exempt you from Washington State sales tax:
    • Drivers License
    • Utility Bills
    • Hunting and/or fishing licenses, etc. (These forms of ID are all valid.)
  5. Pay for your vehicle. We'll send you documents via courier, which you can sign and send back with a Cashiers Check, Wire Transfer, or we can also finance your vehicle for you.
  6. Let us know which shipping company you would like have transport your vehicle, or simply inform us of a time when you would like to drive the vehicle up yourself. There is a Washington State 3-day temporary permit that we can offer if you prefer to drive off the lot.
  7. We will deliver the selected vehicle(s) off at the requested shipping company at no additional charge.
  8. Pick up your vehicle from the shipping company and enjoy!